Recovery Center

1. Professional counselling/ Building of self worth

There is a major lack of Professional Counsellors in Sri Lanka. For children to have a successful future, they need to deal with their past, whether the hurts come from abuse, rejection, lack of love or poverty.
We will offer counselling therapy for children who have been abused, rejected, with emotional problems and who lack self worth.  Our aim is to bring not only healing and restoration, but to help them see that they are of value and that they have a future.

We have 1 Professional Counsellor on staff as well as one other in the process of training. 

2. Educational/Vocational Training/Resources 


It is “HelpKids” vision to help disadvantaged children and to open doors of opportunity for them.  Offering classes that will bring them to a standard where they can enter the Government schooling system will do this.   Every child deserves an opportunity to study and excel. 

“HelpKids” will also operate a Montessori (preschool) for 3-5 year olds.  It is a well-known fact that the first 5 years of a child’s is the most critical time. 
On staff, we have a social worker` who has a wealth of knowledge of working and teaching children.  She has seen many children make their way into the school system.  We plan to use retired teachers from the community as well.

Vocational training

Carpentry, mechanics, craft, music, sewing, cooking, etc…  These are just a few future occupations that we can offer these children/youth who are unable to either complete their education or who need training.

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